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Scalable shells

Some patients with malocclusion requiring orthodontic treatment may be reluctant to initiate treatment with fixed housings. An alternative solution is now available to them, without the disadvantages of the usual treatment. Discreet, simple and comfortable, evolutionary shells are almost invisible and made to measure orthodontic correction devices from the patient’s fingerprints. Each of these shells consists of a transparent acetate sheet, light and a thinness of 0.030.

The evolutionary shells, similar to each other, are however somewhat different because each of them is molded on one of the different impressions of the teeth having undergone slight changes or movements during treatment. These state-of-the-art devices allow patients who care as much about their oral health as their appearance to have minor or more complex dental irregularities corrected.

The ideal patient for scalable shells is an adult or mature adolescent who:

Has minor or major malocclusion
Presents with recurrence following conventional orthodontic treatment at a younger age
would not have been followed by the wearing of a detention device
Is at the final stage of orthodontic treatment and requires a retention device with some
minor corrections
Request minor orthodontic treatment before undergoing cosmetic reconstruction
does not want to bother with wires and orthodontic cases for aesthetic reasons

Active ingredient

This method relies on the progressive displacement of 0.25 mm of the teeth to be corrected and can be applied to several teeth at the same time. The acetates, changed every two to three weeks, allow a so-called “evolutionary” correction of occlusion defects of one millimeter every two to three months during treatment. Due to the rigidity of their shape, these retention devices exert a pressure on the teeth and can thus correct the overlap, the rotations and interdental spaces.

This active and efficient method makes it possible to move the teeth in all three dimensions and even to correct the torque of the incisors. This orthodontic treatment is very simple because only summary checks and shell changes are necessary. However, this method requires a preliminary diagnosis just as exhaustive as that of the usual treatment.

Multiple benefits

Aesthetics and efficiency
Decrease in handling and chair time
Impressive results
Few language disorders
Simplicity of manufacture
Few injuries or clashes, so less irritation of soft tissues

Material required
for manufacturing

For the manufacture of the orthodontic appliance, it is sufficient to provide the Bellomo & Lambert laboratory with stone models of the upper and lower jaws, as well as a wax articulated in centric occlusion. The prescription must inform us of the customer’s expectations. We need to know whether this is a complete treatment or a compromise (in which case, which compromise is it?). The Bellomo and Lambert laboratory will give you an estimate of the cost of the evolutionary shells and will wait for your authorization before starting to manufacture it.


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