Determined to remain at the forefront of technology at all times, our laboratory offers a new fully digital machined occlusal plate.
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What are the different steps of production?
  1. Do an intra-oral scan
  2. Upload the file with an open joint between 1.5 and 2mm via your intranet account
  3. Our 3D team receives the file and cleans it
  4. Digital conception of the final product from your cleaned file
  5. We 3D print your device

Since this product requires a lot of precision, it does require an intra-oral scan meaning that we won’t take stone or plaster models for this service.

Furthermore, digital prints should be sent to us with an open joint (between 1.5 and 2mm). The ones that are supplied with maximum interscupidation are often distorted and cause you a lot of adjustments. From now on, we won’t honor the usual 60 days warranty if those requirements aren’t met.


Shipping delays

Delivery times remain the same but the day the scan is sent counts as a working day.

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