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Occlusal splint and nightguards

Dentists today perform very complex tasks that are not limited to teeth and their aesthetics. Dentistry has entered an era where professionals must advocate dental function and mechanics before they even begin dental treatment, be it orthodontic or aesthetic. Occlusal plates are in increasing demand, and our laboratory gives them special attention. In collaboration with dentists, we are constantly modifying these plates to correct particular problems, such as bruxism or temporomandibular disorders (TMJ), as well as muscular and joint disorders.

Schools of thought are multiplying with regard to the adjustment of occlusion. However, dentists are all working towards the same goal: to relieve their patients by offering them and giving them the best possible treatment. Our technicians are able to meet your specific needs with regard to occlusion adjustment. Here we present you the most usual plates. All of these plates are adjusted to your specifications, whether rigid, more occlusally flexible, or different in anchorage type.

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