In order to obtain the services and prices are the best, we are re-evaluating regularly our contracts with the transport companies. Our receptionist will inform you of the name of the company that does deliveries in your area. (It is to be noted that the clinical need to communicate directly with the transport company to deliver their requirements and their models.) The cost of transport* (go/return), however, are included in the price of manufacturing the device. Finally, we will send by the same opportunity two shipping boxes, protective cushions in polyurethane foam, a prescription pad, as well as freight transport.
Don’t hesitate to call the 1-800-229-0969 for more details. (*A portion of the transportation charges shall be charged for any order less than 45.00$.)

generally, the manufacturing time of a device is 5 to 10 working days. However, emergencies are treated with priority (when a command arrives in the morning, the camera often gets that same evening). We mean by emergency repairs, loss of apparatus, or, still, the cases that require a mouth fast. You can also indicate the desired date on your prescriptions. We will contact you if we are unable to comply with the stated period of time.

Invoices and statement of account
An invoice is issued for each of the requirements. This last is sent at the same time as the device. We send out in addition to a statement of account on the first day of each month. The latter must be paid on the twentieth day of the same month.

You get a discount when the amount of the state of your account reaches 750.00$. In order to get the discount by volume, the statement of account must be settled no later than on the twentieth day of the month. The percentage is displayed on your account statements. Interest charges of 2.5% will be calculated from the 90-day delay.

750.00$ to  899.99$      = 3%

900.00$ to 1099.99$     = 6%

1100.00$ to 2999.99$    = 8%

3000.00$  and more      = 10%