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Removable expansion devices

Applied to the maxillary or mandible, removable appliances are active plates that promote dental movement and in some cases bone movements. The latter can provide multiple accessories, including expansion screws and springs, which are used for the purpose of lingualing, distal, oral or mesial one or more teeth. Each device can be modified during processing. The practitioner, who is able to see the expansion that has been gained, can grind the acrylic to control dental movements if necessary. Finally, since motivation and autonomy are often lacking for the young patient, the parents and the hygienist are called upon to encourage the treated child.

Acrylic cushions, which are found on all devices except Schwarz, can be placed on the anterior or posterior segment, or both. Active removable devices are most effective when the dentist's recommendations are followed. The ones we present are all expanding, with the exception of Cetlin which, however, can be added an accessory screw.

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