We take back appliances if they do not fit the models perfectly or if they do not follow the dentist’s prescriptions in every respect. 

In addition, we guarantee the soldering we do for an unlimited period of time. Our appliances are guaranteed for 60 days against manufacturing defects and acrylic breakage. 

Finally, we believe that a dental appliance that has been worn and handled for 60 days without breaking has been manufactured with proper parameters. It is possible to ask the technician to thicken all of your braces to increase their strength. 

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In order to obtain the best services and prices, we are re-evaluating regularly our contracts with the transport companies. Our receptionist will inform you of the name of the company that does deliveries in your area.

Please note that clinics must contact the transport company directly to have their prescriptions and models delivered.

The cost of transport* (go/return), however, are included in the price of manufacturing the appliance.

Finally, we will send you, by the same occasion, two shipping boxes, protective polyurethane foam pads, a prescription pad and packing slips.

Don’t hesitate to call the 1-800-229-0969 for more details.

*A portion of the transportation cost shall be charged for any order less than 45.00$.


Did you know that 50% of improper bite registration cases are caused by poor quality impressions.

Did you know that you can arrange an appointment with one of our technical support specialists to receive additional training to perfect your techniques?

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We also provide video tutorials.