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Nitanum palatal expander

The Nitanium Palatal Expander is an expansion appliance that exerts gentle, even and continuous pressure on first permanent molars. At low temperature, the nickel-titanium wires are very flexible. However, at 94°F (mouth temperature), these wires become stiff and can exert expansion force. However, the lateral arms do not first come into full contact with the lingual surface of the premolars or primary molars. Contact with the teeth is rather gradual and so is their expansion. In order to provide the adequate size of the required Nitanium Palatal Expander, the inter-molar space must be measured, to which 4mm must be added (i.e. 36mm for a 32mm intermolar space). The appliance must be firmly fixed into the lingual tubes of bands of the first permanent molars.

Material required for manufacturing

Upper stone model
Lower stone model
Wax bite in c.o.

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