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Flex LBL splint

To provide optimal retention, the FLEX LBL Splint contours perfectly the lingual, occlusal and buccal surfaces of teeth. For its fabrication, thermo-flexible acrylic is used, for which retainer clasps are not necessarily required. This type of acrylic can also be used to fabricate bruxism splints and balanced occlusal splints. Unlike orthodontic acrylic, thermo-flexible acrylic is distortion resistant. However, since it is slightly flexible, coating the occlusal surface of the splint with a layer of prosthetic acrylic can prove helpful. The FLEX LBL Splint, which can also be worn on either the maxillary and mandible, is greatly appreciated by patients who find it flexible and comfortable to wear. It should be noted that to soften their splints, patients must soak it in warm water for about one minute prior to wearing it. Once in the mouth, the splint resumes its rigidity.

Material required for manufacturing

Upper stone model
Lower stone model
Articulated wax with 2mm of space between the molars

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