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Balanced occlusal splint

To enable lateral and protrusion movements, an anterior guide with an inclined plane is added to the bruxism splint. The balanced occlusal splint is recommended for patients who suffer from muscle and/or joint pain. It is better to first relieve the pain before proceeding with dental restorations. For patients with a centric occlusion, antagonist teeth are in uniform contact with the occlusal splint. Therefore, as soon as the cuspid slides laterally along the anterior guide, the posterior teeth, incisors and splint are no longer in contact with each other. Then, when the incisors glide onto the inclined plane during protrusion, only the incisors and cuspids touch the splint.

Material required for manufacturing

Upper stone model
Lower stone model
Articulated wax with 2mm of space between the molars
With or without precision articulator

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