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Herbst mini scope et apple core

A solution to problems of assiduity in orthodontic treatments

The Herbst MiniScope & AppleCore is a mandibular advancement appliance with bonded stainless steel crowns. Allowing for orthodontic treatment using the archwire technique, this appliance is also indicated for correction of Class II skeletal malocclusions.

Bonded to the molars, it is an ideal solution to problems of assiduity in orthodontic treatments. Clinicians exercise greater control from the beginning to the end of treatment.

The Herbst is an orthodontic appliance that has made its mark over the years. Today, thanks to our innovative fabrication process, we can offer an improved Herbst appliance that is much sturdier than its predecessors.

The crowns we use for the fabrication of Herbst appliances are hybrids of traditional crowns and bands. Thicker than stainless steel bands, they are therefore much stronger. They are also more easily removed.

We offer two different models of Herbst appliances:

The standard model is made of an upper jawbone section with a trans-palatal rod and a mandible section with a retainer.

We also offer an expansion version. On this model, the trans-palatal rod and the retainer are replaced by expansion screws.

Contact our technicians at Laboratoire Bellomo & Lambert to learn more about the Herbst MiniScope & AppleCore – the solution to your problems of assiduity!


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