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Improper tongue position is a frequent problem in orthodontics and likely to interfere on a long-term basis with the beneficial effects of an orthodontic treatment. Therefore, an atypical tongue resting position can lead to functional problems such as an open bite or a Class II malocclusion brought about by an overly posterior lingual position through lingual propulsion (Dr. Balters), or yet a Class III malocclusion brought about by a sagged lingual position that overly develops the lower arch.

The N.L.W not only serves as a barrier but also as an appliance that conditions the tongue to correct its position, and to acquire new automatisms and reflexes that may eliminate the need for orthodontic treatment altogether (if prescribed to children early enough) or help maintain the benefits of such treatment.

Once the problem is corrected, the tongue modifies the buccal environment by creating natural palatal expansion through constant radicular pressure.

The N.L.W. can also be used as a retainer following a first expansion stage in the treatment of Class II or Class III cases or worn together with fixed orthodontic apparatus.

Indications for wearing the N.L.W. :

The appliance is worn at night and for three sequences of three minutes during the day in order for patients to become better aware of the sensory effect produced by the new psychomotor mechanisms.

The N.L.W. is a comfortable appliance patients are most willing to wear.

We owe the invention of the Nocturnal Lingual Wrapping to Doctor Bruno Bonnet, as it was the outcome of his work on the role of the tongue (organ) in facial development. He defined his objectives by saying that the N.L.W. should guarantee children with the conditions of its potential power to transform and deploy the orthopaedic process of lingual and psychic functional origin, and to give back to the tongue its key role in facial development. All of our thanks go to Doctor Bonnet.

Note: We recommend shipping the upper model with its bands fitted with triple buccal tubes in order to fabricate an appliance that will increase retention.

Required material
for the manufacture

Upper stone model
Lower stone model
Wax bite in c.o.


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