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The Dynamax is an advantageous appliance for the correction of mandibular retrusion.

With this orthopaedic appliance, the clinician can make orthodontic corrections during the correction phase of skeletal Class II.

The Dynamax, a functional appliance

The Dynamax is a two-part appliance: one is fixed to the mandible, and the second one is removable on the maxillary. The Dynamax provides a progressive mandibular advancement while allowing patients to open and close the mouth without strain.


The mandibular advancement is progressive: the initial 3mm protrusion can easily be reactivated on each control appointment using the superior labial arms. The progressive advancement and the appliance’s minimalist design encourage a better response from patients.

The Dynamax’s design provides several possibilities:

Maxillary expansion
Addition of accessories such as double springs or labial wires
Dental correction using orthodontic brackets during correction of mandibular retrusion
The Dynamax is also available in a vertical openings version

Material required for manufacturing

Upper stone model
Lower stone model 
Wax bite in c.o.


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